Finally, I’m blogging!

Wow! Here I am – – finally blogging, finally free to write and share my ideas with the world. I’d love it if you’d read on to find out why this is so important to me (and you!).

I am a seasoned teacher (over twenty years experience) and mother (three children and a combined experience of 36 years – I’ll explain much more about this later!). Since I was very young, I have known two important things about myself: I have a talent for writing and I have a penchant for spreading wisdom. Since childhood, I have been said to have an old soul and as far back as I can remember I have been called “wise”. Not in a “ha ha, you kidder” kind of way though I definitely have some of that running through my veins too. Wise as in full of wisdom. And, generally, this wisdom has been ahead of my time, timely, and across a wide spectrum of topics. I can’t even tell you where this information in my head comes from but it is there, it is accurate, and it has served me well in life. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are times when I seem to lose all common sense and, for the most part, I have absolutely no memory when it comes to historical events, factual information such as numbers, dates, etc. So I’m not a know-it-all. In fact, I tend to give my “advice” in a non-judgmental, I’ve been there kind of tone.

So you see where the wise comes into play. How about the rhymer? Well, I almost always have some kind of rhyme inside my head related to what is going on around me. It is something I cannot help. It happens to me when you are talking to me, when my favorite show is on, when I am trying to sleep. I was recently inundated with pictures of various friend’s snow scenes. Now, living in the south but having lived in the north as a child, those pictures have quite an effect on me. They make me feel very fickle. Hmmm, should I live in the south? Should I move back up north? Should I be grateful for my weather or jealous of theirs? At night, when I am desperately trying to sleep, this translates into an annoying and ongoing poetic rant such as: Why snow, you ask, why snow? The clear answer I do not know. To sled, you say, to sled. What if the grandeur’s all in my head? But it surely is pretty to view. It’s white, it’s fresh, it’s new. But the sun, it beckons me so. I’m really unsure about snow. See what I mean?

By now you have a pretty good sense of who I am and what my blog will be like. I hope you’ll come back so I can spread some wisdom and gain some from you as well. I look forward to comments and questions. In fact, I think discussion and inquiry will drive my blog. Thank you so much for checking in with and checking out a wisenrhymer like me. See you next time with some wise and some rhyme. 😉