Bio: About me, huh? Interesting concept considering this is the part that has always stopped me from taking the plunge on doing, well, lots of things I really wanted to do in life including writing a blog like this - - the feeling that I'm not special. Let me rephrase that… the feeling that others will not see me as special. Hmmm… maybe those end up being the same thing. Regardless, for all of you that feel the way I did, I want you to know it is the exact opposite feeling which compels me to write this blog now. I am special. So are you. Like I said, it's not that I didnt feel special, it's that I didn't think the world would have the same feeling. After all, everyone's out there trying to assert their own "special"ness. But now I am out to prove to the world that I have something great to offer. So, in a rather repetitive, unnecessarily large, and hopefully not too grating nutshell, the most important thing you should know about me is that I am special. But only insomuch as you can gain something from my gifts and talents. Sure, there are some very important and much more specific things you should know about me and I could have written them very concisely, but what fun would that be? Instead, I'm going to play it smart and save those tidbits for my blog. That way, if you are intrigued enough, you will begin reading just to find out! It is my hope to teach you, to make you laugh, to inspire you. Thank you for the privilege of doing so.

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